Arthur Murray Dance Program

This program utilizes the Arthur Murray curriculum, which has been in existence for over 100 years.
A professional advisor will listen to the student and plan lessons that fit the student's needs.

Lesson Type

3-Way Teaching System

Arthur Murray offers lessons in three different teaching methods.

Private Lesson

Instructors provide one-on-one instruction.
We will create a lesson plan that is tailored to your individual goals and level of ability.
Reservations can be made freely during business hours.

40 minutes / 1 lesson

Group Class

You can further develop the basics learned in private lessons.
Dancing with a different partner will help you improve your lead/follow skills.
Group lessons are a great way to become more proficient and confident in your dancing.

40 minutes / 1 lesson

Practice Party

This is a practical, hands-on lesson conducted in the style of an actual dance party.
You will learn tips on how to dance on a crowded dance floor and the joy of dancing in a relaxed atmosphere.
You can practice the new techniques you learned in the private or group lessons.

40 minutes / 1 lesson

Dance Program

At Arthur Murray, our professional advisors will conduct interviews and make recommendations for dance programs.

Trial Program

note: If you are new to Arthur Murray, we encourage you to take advantage of our trial program.

Trial Lesson

5,000 Yen

Want to start dancing right away?
We recommend a one-on-one trial lesson for those who want to learn how to dance.
Let's dance to the music of several types of dances we will introduce to you.
You will be able to feel your progress right away because the lesson is conducted in an actual lesson style.

Private Lesson (40 minutes) x 1


Studio Tour

0 Yen

If you are interested in hearing about the studio and its atmosphere, you are welcome to take a tour.
Please visit the studio to get a feel for the atmosphere.
Please contact the studio to make a reservation in advance for a tour.

Tours and consultations (20 minutes)

note: The Arthur Murray Trial Program is available only for the first time at Arthur Murray.

Introductory Program

The Introductory Program is a trial price program that allows you to try out the actual dance program.
You can take private lessons as well as group lessons and practice parties.
You will learn how and when to move your body, how to dance with a partner, and basic leading and following.
You can choose the number of times you want to try the program, so you can experience it without any difficulty, but Course C is recommended since it is a first-time-only program!

Cource A

38,000 Yen

Private Lesson x 4
Group Lesson x 3
Practice Party x 3

Cource B

54,000 Yen

Private Lesson x 6
Group Lesson x 4
Practice Party x 4

Cource C

68,000 Yen

Private Lesson x 8
Group Lesson x 6
Practice Party x 6

Medal Program

Arthur Murray's worldwide medal program utilizes a dance curriculum that has been built over a century long history.
In this program, you will receive dance advice from advisors and a variety of services from the Arthur Murray network.
If you learn in the program, you will be able to dance to any music, with anyone, anywhere in the world.



At Bronze you will learn Social skills.
You will learn many steps and be able to dance freely all over the dance floor.
In addition to the fundamentals of balance, posture, and timing, students will learn to dance comfortably with a partner, and learn how to style their dances so that they look good on the dance floor.
This is a popular program for those who want to be able to dance freely right away.



In Silver, you will learn the skills to become a better Dancer.
Students will learn more difficult steps and techniques to stand out on the dance floor.
You will learn to dance smoothly using steps with various directional changes.
Learn a variety of techniques, styling, and practices that will help you dance with confidence on the competition floor and in recitals.



Gold is a program for those who want to become Stars, for those who want to learn in earnest and for those who want to dance in shows.
By clearly understanding not only your own movements but also those of your partner, you will be able to dance complex patterns.
You will learn body control, styling, technique, and the ability to attract an audience.

All programs include private lessons, group classes, and practice parties.
Prices for programs vary depending on the pace and content you wish to attend, and our professional advisors will be happy to make suggestions based on your trial and introductory lessons. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

note: Fee Example : 13,500 Yen/1 Unit 
(1 Unit = Private Lesson x 1, Group Lesson x 1, Practice Party x 1)

Student's Voice


Arthur Murray offers a variety of events to help you improve your dancing and have fun.

Purpose of the Dance Program


Social Dance

It adds excitement and fun to your daily life! You will gain self-confidence and naturally develop graceful behavior and correct posture. Dress up beautifully and have fun!


Show Dance

Anyone can enjoy dancing like a scene from a movie. Come learn the essence of cinematic dance and experience the opportunity to actually dance.


Wedding Dance

Dancing together for the first time as a couple will be a wonderful memory that will remain in your hearts forever. What song would you like to dance to? We will guide you to a dance that suits you and your partner.


Competitive Dance

Refine your choreography, technique, and style and receive professional training!
Arthur Murray is deeply involved in international professional world championships and amateur competitions, providing a venue for dance.


Corporate Program

The trust built while having fun and learning in a relaxed environment is also effective in a business setting.
These dances, which require partnership, are the most effective way to build trust and activate the team.


Kid's Dance

Rhythm play and pair dancing with fun music will foster a sense of rhythm and communication skills.